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 maui oct 31-Nov 29.shark ,broke bd, SHARKs..CUBA in January

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maui oct 31-Nov 29.shark ,broke bd, SHARKs..CUBA in January Empty
PostSubject: maui oct 31-Nov 29.shark ,broke bd, SHARKs..CUBA in January   maui oct 31-Nov 29.shark ,broke bd, SHARKs..CUBA in January EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 12:56 am

Oct 31 to Nov 29 , 2013 Maui
Day 1 =12 and 8m... Snorkled Kamoele 3 this am, big turtles. Kited  Action beach,   full lit on the 8m OR rise. head high waves. . Ran into Chris and Sue
....oh, yes , there was a SHARK attack, flesh wound on kitesurfer at kaa point  ! beach was closed till noon!

Day 2 = 8m Snorkeled polo beach this am, very clear, and  body bard small waves. Kited Naish beach on 8m ,bigger 2m plus waves. Nicked a turtle at lower reef today. finished day with big mai tai at lifes a beach, almost played in the band..staggered home. Dave Gen Ella arrived today. BDE. JP Aloha classic Event Party tonight.

Day 3-8m....... seen huge grandpa turtles at Kam 2/3 point  today.  Rockin tropic wave style Band in the park at Kalama beach this am...  Kite beach  moderate 8 m, smaller waves, busy Sunday almost BDE.  my kids and grand kids mellowed at kite beach.......
= last day of JP  Aloha classic at Hookipa, excellent conditions. Levi Siver won. I first met Levi at the gorge when his dad was teaching him to windsurf.....he was maybe 8 years old!

DAY 4. 8-10m........did the Hana trip today, went cave swimming, and hiked 7 pools and drove back way home SE shore. awesome drive.  Dave rode light 8m at kanaha variable surf

DAY 5, 12m.Snorkel Wailea, boogie board .... 12 m and chop at kitebeach. got my mountain bike today in poor condition.

DAY 6,no wind.... drove up Haleakala volcano, blue sky clear day........played in surf at Paia bay / Baldwin, met up with Chris and Sue surfing. Went and bought kite surf board today, 6' x 18.5" epoxy Hawaiian Island.  no wind. Water temp is 80 degree.

DAY 7, 12m.... Snorkeled with  more turtles, eels fish etc.clear water today, Light winds. Went to Flemming for some nice body boarding and then Lahina for diner. Dave and crew went to mamas fish house for supper and watched surfers get smashed into wall, windsurfers slogged and kites did ok on 12m.

Day 8, 8m.... Snorkel at Ahihi kino, " DUMPS" fantastic fish., bike ride and yahoo, trades are back, action beach by 11:30 , 2 meter wave and wind is super gusty 8m, 100% cloud and.........wow, did it rain, then wind went calm! went to shops with Dave..

Day 9..., 6 /8/10/12 m...pounding rain on North shore.. NO kite.... SUNDAY, wow did it rain. 6 inches off and on all day on North shore,  20-30 knot  real gusty winds, 3 meter + waves, cloudy and cool, not  Maui at its best.....Authorities locked the gate to kanaha beaches due to heavy surf and massive inland run off  due to significant rain fall. There were/are severe weather warnings and flash flood advisories posted.we did not kite today... ..so , we went to the sunny side of the island at MAKENA big beach, then little beach ( hippie beach) for some real fun body boarding and stayed till late for the drum circle fest, dance and fire show, fire bomb, fire spinner, fire dancer, juggler..lots of fire and drums........ amazing, you have to see this on Sundays at sunset and after. If you want to stay for the party that starts at 8 pm, be sure to park outside the gates as they lock at 7:45. I have some excellent video of this event that  makes typical Luau dull.

Day 10-  8m.....12m.... north wind in kihei this am, but we headed to North shore for the waves 2 to 3 meters. Wind was 8m, fell quick to 10/12 m and quit by 2 pm to calm.
WE headed back to kihei and Dave rode good 12m upwind of Menehune condo.
Snorkeled Kam 3 to test new go pro at 4:30 pm, real cloudy water...seen a shadow!!!! do not snorkel at dusk.

Day 11. no kite... Surfed Cove park this am with Jay. Broke my bike today!*&^&^$^(*&^.
Snorkeled the DUMPS, excellent, went to Kite beach and NO wind, no kites, no windsurf, so drove to Hookipa and watched surfers, looked at 20 turtles that were resting on the shore, stopped in Paia for an hour.......only 18 days left!

Looked at condos for $190,000 to $250,000 good price but  monthly condo fee is $400 pm, property taxes $5000 per year, electricity is$100 to $200 + per month. that = over $8500 plus return on $200,000 @ a weak 5%, add $1500 for misc   means I am spending $20,000 a year........You can lease a nice condo for $1500 month plus electric if you sign 6m lease. Market has recover this year but those dam monthly fees make a weak investment. Lots of nice Tourist short term monthly rentals for  $3000 to $4000 per month all in. excluding Christmas and easter
A 1200 ft house with garage will cost you minimum $500,000 for fixer upper... and up. Looks like the strong market may be the 3 million plus...a few bargains out there if you can afford to hold for a while. Is  any one interested in a co purchase on 3 million $$? 

Day 12..... No kite. stupid winds,  20 mph quit by 1 pm then rain on North shore, hard rain at times, real hard.  old broken rib/ sternum injury is acting up from surf session yesterday ..ouch.

Day 13. Nov 13.NO kite...JAWS.., massive storm at sea, North shore Hawaii getting hammered, up to 35 ft high storm surf cancelled Pro surf event at Sunset. light winds on shore, then 20 min squalls, some north shore beaches closed due to " life threatening waves. kanaha/ Baldwin/sprecs/pia were all closed. Roman snuck out at upper kanaha windsurf beach and rode 3.7 in massive close out conditions. There was a  surfers died and still missing. Hookipa was closing out. Jaws was big 35 ft faces but no good wind, a few tow in surfers were daring the massive ocean swell.  . fixed my bike. boggie boarded

day 14, Nov 14....No kite.  light wind under 10 mph, big waves, rained hard in Kihei last night and flood on north shore . Jay and Bonnie leave. North shore is cloudy and rain, south shore sunny and clear

Day 15, 12m poor kite at kite beach, wind was under 15mph and east, big  wind shadow 500 ft out. lots of swimming. hahah. right Dave.. nice waves but 1/2 size of a couple days ago.   .

DAY 16, KITE 12 THEN 8M.. bde, TRADES ARE BACK,on the water early on 12 m ,  med 1.5 to 2.5 waves, with a few dbl overhead waves. Dave and I Rigged 8m after lunch and ripped till dusk. BDE
Bad news....broke my beloved MAKO classic, on a real sweet off the lip.....And Dave broke my surf bd as well. ,
Oh....I am a real hazard in the waves, as I turn at will on the face...........and ended up tangling kites with local Jose' kite babe, fortunately she is a pro and got us out of a dangerous situation at lowers surf reef. Thanks Jose'

Day 17.Nov 17 Sunday. no kite. sunny warm and calm, light SE kona winds.
Dave Gen and Ella head home today...perfect beach baby.
TCT Tom arrives today, Mike Christine and Naish arrive today, Vista.
and Chick n Arnold arrive Wed. Trades return 5-7 days from now!!!!!!!
surf is small..snorkle/hike tour plans for the next days.

Day 18,19,20..no kite, calm kona wind uder 10 mph.  Had fantastic snorkel at BLACK ROCK, no waves and clear.
There was not even a ripple on the water at Honolua bay, I have seen this break at 20 ft and never calm!
Drove road from honolua bay to Wailuku on NW tip of island. There is good reason that your car insurance is not valid on this road, but worth it " amazing drive. Do not go if it is raining ( danger).

Meeting M&C at cove for some SUP. Trades forecast to return Friday, until then.  twinfalls, volcano body bd, surf, bike, snorkel, lahina tourist stuff. Maui is also a great place to be when the wind does not blow

Day 20..SHARK. WE meet up with Mike and Christine at Cove park this am for some paddle boarding, about 50 surfers and SUP'ers are out enjoying the best waves in two weeks. My first Day ever on  SUP. Its not as easy as you think to stand up and balance on a very slow moving board, Once you get going it is ok and it sure beats paddling a surf bd on your chest. You catch loads of rides on a 11 ft SUP. The ride in the surf is fun but not a good as a smaller surf bd.
At about 10 am there is a scurry of people on the beach pointing out to sea, someone mumbles shark, a few other say, no, it is the dolphins.....then someone screams shark, Mike get out of the water, the scream was from Christine as Mike rode a nice wave into shore. Mike gets on shore and says yes he seen the tail fin and decided it was time for a rest on shore. He then say's that I should go out!!!!!! The crowd gathers and we watch the fin rise, the nose rise and finayl after 10 minutes,  the entire shark surfaced.........wow.....a honest 12 to 14+ ft long shark just outside the surf break. That was enough to clear the water of most surfers and SUP, lessons cancelled. Soon the lifeguard jet ski was out chasing the shark and the patrol boat cruising the coast for 15 minutes. Just as we thought the shark was gone we see a large Ray " skate" jump out of the water.......these things seldom jump out of the water unless they are chased. The tail fin of the shark still surfacing but farther out..........Hahaha a few surfers SUP head out to continue to play in the nice easy surf at SHARK COVE PARK.


If you do not want to see a shark, look the other way!

Day 21-NO kite wind, still Kona.....Nice day snorkeling BLack Rock them excellent 2m waves for body board at Fleming and nice sunset at Honolua surf hut, dinner at Jimmie Buffet place in  wit Chicnarnold.

Day   Sunday , kited 12 m,  then went to Little beach for drum circle, lots of fun eh Christine?

RAN ITO rALPH AND deYLYN at shopping Mall...he is taking a kite lesson !

Day ??/ finally decent wind, wound out 12m then Tom ripped it up on his new 8m. I twisted lines again in the surf and//oh well..
Tom had an amazing yard sale on 8 m  launch at kite beach, nice job Mike. Celebration at LIFES A BEACH,  then  dog and suds....then maui beach for live ban music.. rock on ARNOLD

Day. ?? Body boarded, more snorkel, surf, SUP.went up haleakala with chicnarnold

Day ??. nice 12m then 8m kite beach , medium waves

Day ?? snorkled Kam 3.. then solid 12 m kite beach.. played with Naish and Kaley on beach

Day 26. watched pros at hookipa in World Championship kite contest . amazing
then kited fantastic 8m in biggest waves at kite beach this trip, full line surf break from lowers to bone yard, ocean was strong today. wow..There may have been a 18 ft set roLL through... Arnold exploded his 8m after bone yard testing " rescue appreciated". Had dinner with chicnarnold, tom christine at Paia FLAT BREAD.

day 27. kites 12 m in e s/e wind at kite beach once out it was smooth on mid waves real fun. Towel rides.  
Kamehameha was treated fine. Stopped at life a beach for a drink.. Arnold had a few and was ready to karaoke until he found he could not get on the stage, ended up at local live music bar for live band ZZ top style fun.

Day 28...LT kona wind.....sold my Boggie bds,..gave my bike away, packed kite and surf board, hope I am not over on baggage $$$..go home at 10 tonight....goin to beach for a few hours now.

day 29. air travel..yes I had to pay $100 baggage  for surf board that included 3 kites and twin tip, harness, 2 bars.. Not bad. ( no extra baggage fee on incoming because I was under 50 lb and only had 150 cm long kite bag)

Day 30.. Home... Miss the daily maui  clear blue skies, 27 degree air and 29 degree clear water and sandy beaches, with steady NE trades and classic surf. The Hawaiian people are gentle and kind, the condo was nice and excellent hot hot tub and good BBQ's ///////////............. maui no ka oi

Just got word that a women was attacked by shark and survived at a favorite snorkel beach in Kihei Wailea

Dec 3, Whats up???. Shark attack at Makena, off shore by big beach where we go regularly. Guy died.

Dec 21......can take it any more need another fix......heading to >>>tropics to kite. CUBA

January 15 - 22 sunwing air, Calgary direct to Cayo coco transport to Guillermo all inclusive
Base Price: $815
Tax/Surchage: $291
Per Person: $1106
Sol Cayo Guillermo
for 2 weeks......$1500 each

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maui oct 31-Nov 29.shark ,broke bd, SHARKs..CUBA in January Empty
PostSubject: Re: maui oct 31-Nov 29.shark ,broke bd, SHARKs..CUBA in January   maui oct 31-Nov 29.shark ,broke bd, SHARKs..CUBA in January EmptyTue Nov 12, 2013 5:20 pm

Sounds like a great variety of fun. We will arrive on Sunday and will look forward to seeing you at Kitebeach, I like the end close to the shower! Have a great week you guys and we will check you soon.
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maui oct 31-Nov 29.shark ,broke bd, SHARKs..CUBA in January
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