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 lost &found Aug 16-19, Aug 30= 80km, outhouse

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lost &found Aug 16-19, Aug 30= 80km, outhouse Empty
PostSubject: lost &found Aug 16-19, Aug 30= 80km, outhouse   lost &found Aug 16-19, Aug 30= 80km, outhouse EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 2:59 pm

Aug 16-19 It was 4 days of great wind, sun at Keho. Thank you Marten for the major site clean up Friday, we all owe you.....Friday was a start to Keho  classic summer with gusty day winds and then the evening sessions going blow dryer in the 30 degree air,  Saturday there were 34 kites at kite beach and no real scary incidents...just a bit of entertainment. Saturday fun in the wind and  sun,
Sunday like saturday. Monday ended the run with nice 8 meter late day and evening session.
Thanks Jamie for the Jet ski and all the rescues.
Thanks Marten for the boat and rescues.

What did you leave behind at Kite beach?

- boat anchor and buoy...............found the owner, Jamie
- 2 caribiners...I left them attached to the dead men on pad.............gone Aug 26?
- a twin tip board...you tell me what it is, there is a name on it  but no other info, it was in the weeds east of pad parking area........found owner
- a set of keys..look a bit older than the weekend, dodge .........found owner
- a pair of nice reef of sandals and shorts, I put them under  tire on outhouse hill.

- a garbage bag full of garbage...thanks for collecting the junk but take it home with you!
-piles of dog dodo here and there on the launch pad and newly cleaned of area west... and did you see the dog fight on Monday !.. good reason to keep your dog on a leash.

-OR kite bar, lines....Arnold

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Posts : 29
Join date : 2013-02-23

lost &found Aug 16-19, Aug 30= 80km, outhouse Empty
PostSubject: 80 km, $20, outhouse   lost &found Aug 16-19, Aug 30= 80km, outhouse EmptySat Aug 31, 2013 9:44 pm

FRIDAY, Aug 30..gusty SW in the am, and up to 80 km around 3 pm, then switch to west and north by 8pm...wow , another busy kite beach day. over 40 cars. A few crazy kite mistakes and a couple real dangerous situations that could have been avoided.
If you see someone making launch and landing mistakes please help them out. If someone gets hurt at Kite beach we all risk loosing access to the site.

Remember  beginners and experts alike, the pad is a safe land and launch site if used properly, . Launch and land kite down wind, And park the kites on the north shoulder across the ditch. Bring your own carabineer and sand bag

If you chose to launch on the  upwind site ( west) , remember, if you get dragged into someone's car you pay for all damages!

THANK YOU to those who have paid the $20 annual fee to F-10. Looks like enough cash for outhouse.

See you mid next week for more SW winds.
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lost &found Aug 16-19, Aug 30= 80km, outhouse
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