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 Best Profanity 138

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PostSubject: Best Profanity 138   Best Profanity 138 EmptyFri Jun 28, 2013 3:00 pm

I have a Best Profanity 138 wakestyle/freestyle board (more rocker than usual, can be ridden without fins, inserts built to handle impacts while wearing boots).  It's new in the plastic it came shipped in.  I bought another wakestyle board and I've never bothered to try this one and don't think it's worth inventorying a backup anymore.  Generally selling the kiting gear I bought and never used.

Current Profanity model sells for 639 online http://www.bestkiteboarding.com/Profanity-V2. Asking maybe $400 obo.

Link to Kijiji for picture: http://calgary.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAd?AdId=499014879&MessageId=MSG.VIEW_AD.AD_ACTIVATEDMXmessageUrlMZhttp%3A%2F%2Fcalgary.kijiji.ca%2Fc-AdDetails%3FAdId%3D499014879%26Guid%3D13f8c5f0-08b0-a20b-2690-3510ffffc603&mpname=List-Ad&mpname=Conf-Ad-Goods&mpname=ConfAd-Goods&mpname=Conf-Ad-Total&mpuid=1700199%3B668%3B499014879%3B81019463%3B%3B&secev=AQAAAT%2BC7fQAAM0AAAABACIxM2Y4YzVmMDY1Mi5hMjBiMjZlLjdmNWZmLmZmZmY4ZGVjAAAAAQAAAAAdvlzfAQAAAAIAAAAAF9eEAMia5YH7063pwTjM1JVck%2Fxyekw4&wmid=499014879
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Best Profanity 138
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