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 best day ever.....again.. kite beach grass,parking, fees,

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PostSubject: best day ever.....again.. kite beach grass,parking, fees,    Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:34 pm

Hey...what ever happened to BBB.?
B, Thanks for getting us all out to keho the past few days, love that 8m kiteing in warm air, sunny conditions, waves and the crew.
Tonight had to be the best day ever, again..hahaha.
I hear maybe one more day then a heat wave.

Looks like the last two trees at kite beach are going down, leaning more every day.

Thanks A and C for all the grass cutting at kite beach.
All those of you using the site should be sending your $20 F-10 boardsailing club membership in or give it to any of the executive at the beach.
and, please do not park on the cut grass, just pull off the road and park leaving as much room as possible east of cars to rig and park kites
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best day ever.....again.. kite beach grass,parking, fees,
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